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El-Services International is one of the leading companies in the electrical installation business and electric equipment in the Faroe Islands. Since 1988, we have produced switchboards and operating systems within the electrical installation industry, both in the Faroe Islands and abroad.


Ongoing Projects

  • El-Service Ltd. is starting on projecting the new cultural house SALT.
  • El-Service Ltd. is updating the Main Alarm System ESAC500 for the M/S Havglans.
  • El-Services Ltd. is planning the updates on the Power Management System for the M/S Christian Í Grótinum.

The company is build up around 6 divisions. All our divisions are located in Skála, Faroe Islands, except our foreign division, which is located in Skagen, Denmark. Read more about our organization and division under "Organization" on the left.

Our Work Areas:

  • Project and design
  • Drawings
  • Installation
  • FAT
  • Maintenance
  • Service


Ever since we started our company in 1988, we have supplied electrical switchboards for almost all types of industry where there has been a need for electrical power supply. Within the last 10 years we have also provided several technical control systems. Instead of providing several stand-alone systems, we can now deliver more integrated systems, which are adjusted according to our costumers needs. Therefore, the customer has only one company to contact regarding multiple systems.

We also have several years of experience in project management and inspection of both small and big projects in the Faroe Islands and abroad. For example, in 2005 the new ferry M / F Smyril was build at the Izar shipyard in Spain. For this project El-service Ltd. stood for the inspection of electrical installations and also produced and supplied the main switchboard, which at that time was the largest switchboard of its kind produced ​​in the Faroe Islands. El-Service Ltd. also offers offshore services and has serviced ships of the shipping company P/F Thor, primarily engaged in the offshore industry.

In February 2011 El-Service Ltd. cooperated with the shipyard Havyard Group, which is the largest company of its kind in Norway, in building a new building for the offshore industry.